September 18, 2017 Sakamoto Emma

Tanya Lloyd Kyi on the inspiration for Prince of Pot

“Could the tale of a grow op guarded by bears get any weirder? Yes.”

That was the headline of a Maclean’s article in 2013. It seems that while dismantling an outdoor marijuana farm near Grand Forks, BC, police found two dozen habituated black bears. They suggested the animals might have helped the pot farmer protect his grow.

Most people who read the story probably thought about the legalization of pot, or the protection of wildlife, or about the explosives found on the property.

Me? I thought: What if that was your dad?

And so my novel Prince of Pot was born. It’s the story of Isaac, a teen struggling to decide between following in his dad’s footsteps or pursuing his dreams of art school.

I grew up in a small town where my parents ran their own business, so I know what it’s like to feel torn between family and future. There’s only one teensy difference between my story and Isaac’s …

My parents ran a restaurant. His run a grow op guarded by bears.

Prince of Pot
by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Isaac loves art class, drives an old pickup, argues with his father and hangs out with his best buddy, Hazel. But his life is anything but normal. His parents operate an illegal marijuana grow-op, Hazel is a bear that guards the property, and his family’s livelihood is a deep secret.

It’s no time to fall in love with the daughter of a cop.

Isaac’s girlfriend Sam is unpredictable, ambitious and needy. And as his final year of high school comes to an end, she makes him consider a new kind of life pursuing his interest in art, even if that means leaving behind his beloved home in the Rockies and severing all ties with his family.

For a while he hopes he can have it all, until a disastrous graduation night, when Sam’s desperate grab for her father’s attention suddenly puts his entire family at risk.




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