Talk, Time and Trust — guest post by Robert Heidbreder


The Voyage is a sweet picture book about making a home in a new place, and about facing new experiences with an open mind. With September slowly creeping up on us, we asked one of our favorite authors, Robert Heidbreder, about his thoughts on starting a new school year.

Every year, as school rolled around, I got the nervous shivers—and I was the teacher. Gradually, I learned to turn to talk, time and trust, 3 helpful Ts.

Talk to your child, the teacher, administrator, other parents and especially yourself about your anxieties.

Give your child, yourself and the school situation Time. A lot of issues resolve themselves in time.

And Trust in your feelings, your child’s feelings, the system and the teacher.

With talk, time and trust you will likely find your nervous shivers changing to shivers of excitement as you see your child growing, learning and being happy.


Ted Hayes Photo 4 DSC_2374 (good)Robert Heidbreder is an award-winning children’s poet and author. His many books include I Wished for a Unicorn, Drumheller Dinosaur Dance and the forthcoming Song for a Summer Night (Groundwood, Spring 2015). Robert spent thirty years as a primary school teacher and, in 2002, won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and continues to do many school and festival presentations.

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