Enjoy Spring with the Birds from My Book of Birds

To celebrate spring and all the birds that come with it, here’s a sneak peek inside My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valério.

My Book of Birds Spring page


My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valério

Geraldo Valério is an artist who loves birds, from majestic Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls to brilliant cardinals and jays to the tiniest of hummingbirds. Here he presents his favorites, with beautiful collage illustrations and brief descriptions that highlight intriguing facts about each one.

The illustrations show a variety of feathered creatures in their natural habitats as they hunt for food, impress their mates, nest, and care for their young. The concise, accessible text provides information ranging from clever techniques for finding food to remarkable physical features to fascinating behaviors. But above all, Geraldo Valério shares his passion for birds in this lovingly created album, inspiring young readers with their beauty and the excitement of discovery.

Includes an introduction, glossary, index and sources for further information.

A Letter from Groundwood’s Publisher, Sheila Barry

A Sheila June 2015

Dear Readers,

When my daughter was seven years old, she and her best friend decided they would host a fun fair in our driveway. I paid little attention until a neighbor asked if there was going to be a bouncy castle and if we would be selling tickets for the rides. When I discovered that my daughter and her friend had distributed invitations promising pony rides, games of chance and thrill rides, I was worried that their friends would be terribly disappointed, but I was wrong. A wooden hobbyhorse, a game of hopscotch and a scooter provided all the fun anyone needed, and a good time was had by all. And I was reminded both that children have incredible imaginative powers and also that they are able to create entire worlds through what looks like simple play.

This spring’s list celebrates the resourcefulness and creativity of children of all ages. In Malaika’s Costume, Malaika has to find her own carnival costume since her mother has no money to send for one. Tokyo Digs a Garden brings us a boy who transforms an entire city with just three magic seeds, while in The Stone Thrower, creativity and dedication help the young Chuck Ealey find a way out of poverty and into a better life. And in Lisa Moore’s young-adult novel Flannery, a reluctant entrepreneur creates a love potion that has unexpected consequences.

Good books allow children to imagine — and then create — a better world. I hope you will find some inspiration in this catalogue that will help you do the same.

Sheila Barry,
Publisher Groundwood Books

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View the entire Groundwood Spring 2016 Catalogue here.

Enter to win a copy of Rosario’s Fig Tree!

On April 10th we are celebrating the arrival of spring by giving away a copy of Rosario’s Fig Tree, written by Charis Wahl and illustrated by Luc Melanson.

This contest is open to residents of North America (excluding Quebec). We will accept entries until midnight on Thursday, April 9th, and will contact the winner by email on Friday, April 10th.

Good luck!

Sorry! Contest closed!

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