Matt James rediscovers the Northwest Passage

Earlier this week, the news broke that one of the lost ships from Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated 1845 expedition to find the Northwest Passage was found in the Canadian Arctic by Parks Canada. You can read more about this fascinating discovery and story here.


Naturally, this news story made us think of beloved Groundwood creator Matt James and his unique re-imagining of Stan Rogers’ Northwest Passage, a haunting and moving tribute to the adventurous spirit of explorers and to the beauty of the vast land and icy seas. Here’s what he had to say about the find:

Matt JamesWow! Nice job Parks Canada!

I’m not surprised to hear that the boat was discovered very close to where early Inuit accounts suggested it was to be found.

It’s kinda spooky seeing that “ghost ship” sitting peacefully at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. I wonder what they will find on board?



NWP cover

Northwest Passage

by Stan Rogers and Matt James

Award-winning artist Matt James takes the iconic song “Northwest Passage” by legendary Canadian songwriter and singer Stan Rogers and tells the dramatic story of the search for the elusive route through the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific, which for hundreds of years and once again today, nations, explorers and commercial interests have dreamt of conquering, often with tragic consequences.

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