July 15, 2016 Neil Wadhwa

Super-Duper Monster Viewer GO

You may have heard of a new game that lets you see the monsters all around you.
But maybe your child is too young to use a screen? Or you worry about all that expensive data?

Don’t worry! There’s an analog version out there, available RIGHT NOW!

SUPER-DUPER MONSTER VIEWER Written by Kevin SylvesterSuper-Duper Monster Viewer!
Just point and be amazed!
You won’t believe your eyes!

“No need to worry about battery life … but don’t make the monsters mad.” — Beast Best Bets

“Data? Don’t matta!” — Monster Today Magazine

“A perfect monster-spotting training manual for the toddler crowd.” — Horned Book

“Monsters can’t hide anymore.” — Vanity Scare

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Super Duper Monster Viewer by Kevin Sylvester

Imagine that you are holding a device that will allow you to see the monsters that live invisibly all around us. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and…total chaos!

Technology isn’t always easy, and this monster viewer disguised as a book is no exception. If you hold the viewer too high, all you see are the tops of the monsters’ heads. Too low, and all you see are their feet. And things don’t get any better when the monsters themselves try to help out.

Full of puns and visual jokes, Super Duper Monster Viewer pokes gentle fun at our obsession with technology and the next cool thing. And while the two monsters we meet in this book might be terrible at tech support, they make pretty fun companions just the same.

Written and illustrated by the irrepressibly funny and highly acclaimed children’s author Kevin Sylvester, Super-Duper Monster Viewer is sure to bring laughter — and maybe a little mayhem — into your day.

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