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NewsBusters targets the ALA and Skim’s “gay agenda”

SnowNewsBusters, a conservative American website launched by the Media Research Centre to “provide immediate exposure of liberal media bias,” has
spoken out against the American Library Association (ALA). In an article posted on January 5, 2010, NewsBusters accuses the ALA of being a “a liberal organization that relentlessly pursues a homosexual agenda.”

The first book NewsBusters uses as an example of ALA’s “gay agenda” is award-winning graphic novel Skim, by MARIKO TAMAKI and JILLIAN TAMAKI. Calling it a “pro-homosexual” book, NewsBusters attempts to build an argument against it and other books deemed as “authentic literature” by the ALA.

Hmm. So much controversy! I have to say I disagree strongly with NewsBusters — what do you think?


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  1. The ALA “relentlessly pursues a homosexual agenda”? “Authentic literature” does not include a book like Skim? I can’t decide if this is amazing for the wrong reasons or if it’s just troubling.

  2. Skim isn’t about being pro-homosexual or anti-homosexual, it’s about growing up, and all the uncertainty that comes with. Also after reading that article with sub-headlines sporting such puns as “the GayLA”, and to promoting books called “You Don’t Have to Be Gay”, I don’t have remotest interest in what they have to say.

  3. Cole Powers

    I think it’s dangerous to even consider that literature can be said to promote a “gay agenda” and to argue over whether it does or not. What is the “gay agenda”? Does such a thing exist? Is such a thing even conceivable? When we argue with the loons who propose such nonsense our argument contains the implicit acknowledgment that a “gay agenda” may in fact exist. To argue in such terms is expressly counter-productive in my view.

    An interesting analogue would be Emile St-Just’s analysis of the motion to try Louis in court. Such a trial, he argues, would rest on the presumption of his innocence. If Louis is presumed innocent, however, what becomes of the revolution?

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