January 1, 2016 Digital Intern

Happy New Year!


We hope your holiday season has been fun, relaxing and filled with beautiful books! Groundwood has an exciting year ahead, kicking off with brand new offices and a fantastic spring catalogue. Stay tuned for lots of features, guest posts and maybe a contest or two!

9781554984114All Year Round is a joyful look at the months of the year through the eyes of a young child.

From January through December, experience a world of color, wonder and silliness. March is for celebrating a birthday, July is for swimming upside down, September is for crunchy piles of leaves and December is for a kingdom all in white. Experience a whole year to play and celebrate!

Author and illustrator Emilie Leduc brings a vibrant year of childhood to life with her soft yet vivid illustrations and poetic text. Each month of the year shows off a new wonder, and the giddy smiles of the child in the story are sure to be contagious.

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