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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Menino

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love birds out there!

We would like to celebrate a different kind of love today, because what says love better than a newborn baby? The Menino is a beautiful look at the early years of being a parent, as well as the world through a newborn’s eyes. Author/illustrator Isol captures the relationship between parent and baby beautifully, and has created a book that can be shared and enjoyed by grownups and children alike.






A book for babies and their parents about the whole new world that they both encounter when the baby arrives.

When the new baby arrives, both the baby and the parents are in for a steep learning curve. In this book, born out of personal experience, internationally renowned author/illustrator Isol brings us a dual narrative and guide. For babies, there’s a rich range of images of babies and all their functions to look at. From crying, to nursing, to peeing and pooing, to looking, to hearing, to deciding that this weird new world they’ve entered is worth staying in (because they finally recognize that in every grown-up they see a former baby), there are hours of fun and amusement, since babies love nothing better than looking at and talking about themselves.

For parents, this is a wonderful exploration of the new world this stranger-baby brings with them. Amusingly written, the text presents in a humorous, wry way all the facets of the new baby’s reality. A great gift for new parents both before and after baby is born.



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