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We are giving away a gift-package to one lucky winner that includes a copy of each of these upcoming Groundwood titles:

  1. The White Cat and the Monk by Jo Ellen Bogart and Sydney Smith
  2. Buddy and Earl Go Exploring by Maureen Fergus and Carey Sookocheff
  3. Tokyo Digs a Garden by Jon-Erik Lappano and Kellen Hatanaka

The contest runs from January 26th to February 7th. A winner will be randomly chosen. Fill out the form below to enter!

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day with I See the Promised Land

Martin Luther King Day is an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate a man who helped to change America. The work of Dr. King ignited a change in race relations not just within the United States, but also throughout the world. By empowering black Americans and inspiring positive change, Dr. King has become one of the most important figures in modern history.

We are celebrating today by reading I See the Promised Land by Arthur Flowers and Manu Chitrakar; a beautiful biography of Martin Luther King, Jr., accompanied by powerful illustrations.


African American writer, griot and blues singer Arthur Flowers and Indian scroll painter Manu Chitrakar combine their very distinctive storytelling traditions in an extraordinary jam session, creating this stunning graphic narrative-style biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

The engaging text describes the apartheid South in Martin Luther King’s time, which in many ways was not very different from the early days of slavery. Included are descriptions of the Montgomery Bus Boycott; the formation of civil rights groups; mass movements against segregation, such as the Albany Movement and the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, after which King became black America’s acknowledged leader; and the influence on King of Gandhi, with his nonviolent approach to resistance. We are told about King’s personal struggles as well as the political challenges he faced with the rise of Malcolm X and Black Power. Flowers’ text concludes with a brief look at his legacy.

Arthur Flowers tells a masterful story in musical prose, based on griot oral storytelling traditions, bringing his own perspective to the events he describes, while Manu Chitrakar carries the tale into the vivid idiom of Patua art, turning King’s historic journey into a truly universal legacy.




A Letter from Groundwood’s Publisher, Sheila Barry

A Sheila June 2015

Dear Readers,

When my daughter was seven years old, she and her best friend decided they would host a fun fair in our driveway. I paid little attention until a neighbor asked if there was going to be a bouncy castle and if we would be selling tickets for the rides. When I discovered that my daughter and her friend had distributed invitations promising pony rides, games of chance and thrill rides, I was worried that their friends would be terribly disappointed, but I was wrong. A wooden hobbyhorse, a game of hopscotch and a scooter provided all the fun anyone needed, and a good time was had by all. And I was reminded both that children have incredible imaginative powers and also that they are able to create entire worlds through what looks like simple play.

This spring’s list celebrates the resourcefulness and creativity of children of all ages. In Malaika’s Costume, Malaika has to find her own carnival costume since her mother has no money to send for one. Tokyo Digs a Garden brings us a boy who transforms an entire city with just three magic seeds, while in The Stone Thrower, creativity and dedication help the young Chuck Ealey find a way out of poverty and into a better life. And in Lisa Moore’s young-adult novel Flannery, a reluctant entrepreneur creates a love potion that has unexpected consequences.

Good books allow children to imagine — and then create — a better world. I hope you will find some inspiration in this catalogue that will help you do the same.

Sheila Barry,
Publisher Groundwood Books

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View the entire Groundwood Spring 2016 Catalogue here.

Happy New Year!


We hope your holiday season has been fun, relaxing and filled with beautiful books! Groundwood has an exciting year ahead, kicking off with brand new offices and a fantastic spring catalogue. Stay tuned for lots of features, guest posts and maybe a contest or two!

9781554984114All Year Round is a joyful look at the months of the year through the eyes of a young child.

From January through December, experience a world of color, wonder and silliness. March is for celebrating a birthday, July is for swimming upside down, September is for crunchy piles of leaves and December is for a kingdom all in white. Experience a whole year to play and celebrate!

Author and illustrator Emilie Leduc brings a vibrant year of childhood to life with her soft yet vivid illustrations and poetic text. Each month of the year shows off a new wonder, and the giddy smiles of the child in the story are sure to be contagious.

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