Author picks for the holidays: Ian Wallace recommends A SALMON FOR SIMON

The book:

A Salmon for Simon, by Betty Waterton and illustrated by Ann Blades
ISBN: 978-0-88899-276-5 * $6.95

The recommender:

Ian Wallace, illustrator of Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Ian says:

Published in 1978, A Salmon for Simon is a timeless classic, simply and respectively told by Betty Waterton with thoughtful illustrations by Ann Blades that capture the tenderness inherent within.

IAN WALLACE is an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books — one of Canada’s best known and loved. Over a long and distinguished career he has published many picture-book classics, including Chin Chiang and the Dragon’s Dance, Boy of the Deeps, The Name of the Tree by Celia Barker Lottridge, The Huron Carol and The Sleeping Porch. He has won the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Picture Book Award, the Mr. Christie’s Book Award, the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award and the IODE Violet Downey Book Award. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award. Ian currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife, Deb.


Author picks for the holidays: Marie-Louise Gay recommends HARVEY

The book:

Harvey by Hervé Bouchard and illustrated by Janice Nadeau.
ISBN: 978-1-55498-075-8 * $19.95

The recommender:

Marie-Louise Gay, author and illustrator of Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!

Marie-Louise Gay says:

A lovely, poignant, marvelously illustrated novel about a young boy named Harvey whose father suddenly dies. A simple story about death and the impact it has on a child’s imagination. Harvey tells the story with a sense of wonder and terrible sadness. He fantasizes about The Incredible Shrinking Man and feels himself disappearing when he finally sees his father in his coffin. The delicate drawings of Janice Nadeau create an emotional rhythm throughout. Breathtaking.

MARIE-LOUISE GAY is a world-renowned author and illustrator of children’s books. She has won many prestigious awards, including the Governor General’s Award, the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, the Vicky Metcalf Award and the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award. She has also been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Her books have been translated into more than fifteen languages and are loved by children all over the world. Marie-Louise lives with her family in Montreal. Visit for more.


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